Steel Braided Jack Hose (48,000 psi)

Spir Star Steel Braided Thermoplastic Jack Hose (48,000 psi) 

SPIR STAR™ high-pressure hoses are engineered to withstand working pressures up to 3,200 bar (48,000 psi) while retaining superior flexibility. Some of the areas of application include autofrettage, hydroforming, hydraulic assembly presses, dismantling of roller bearings, rescue tools and torsion-free pulling of screw connections (bolt tensioning).

With up to 50% less weight than comparable rubber hoses, a markedly smaller bend radius at maximum flow, as well as being resistant to Ozone, UV-light and aging, SPIR STAR hoses meet all the requirements of the High-Pressure Hydraulics Industry.

For the hydraulics industry, we offer our hoses in an array of colors. We can deliver compact twin hoses, and if you desire, we can provide Client-personalized markings for bulk orders.




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